About Business Stack

1st all-in-one business support platform combining legal, HR, IT, accountancy and elearning support for small businesses

Founded in 2014 and enrolled over 40,000 business owners

Built-in personalisation, recommendations and communications tailored to the needs of each business

Our digital business support platform educates and empowers small business owners and simplifies the day-to-day running of their businesses whilst saving them money.


Established in 2014 we have come a long way, originally only offering legal services under the Law-Match brand we found customers asking us to expand our services to help them across all areas of their business. And so, in 2020 Business Stack was born.


Today we provide an extensive range of services and the provider list is constantly expanding to cover wider and more relevant services to our customers. Our current service modules include:



No other business support platform offers the flexibility and breadth of support and resources available through Business Stack. And, our technology allows customers to access the full range of services easily through a single point of contact, our portal. Running a business is easier with Business Stack.