Confidence in a modular
professional services platform

Business Stack was created for businesses like yours, looking for an easy to roll out, complete professional services solution for SME customers. In 2019 there were 5.85 million SMEs in the UK, which represented over 99% of all businesses.

McKinsey SME Survey, completed by 500 SMEs found that a business owners core activities are growth and revenue generation while activities such as book-keeping, tax and legal matters are the least preferred activities.

We know that the business needs of your customers may change over time, that’s why we took a modular approach to building Business Stack, allowing us to add more services to your Stack as and when needed.

Each service module bundles together professional tools, apps, resources and a helpline and is supported by a trusted delivery partner who is a highly regarded expert in their respective field. When accessing the services through our platform your customers will also benefit from discounts on any additional instructions or services purchased, these discounts are reserved only for Business Stack customers.

The provision of professional commercial services to any customer base comes with a myriad of regulatory and compliance requirements, all of which are costly and resource intensive. Business Stack removes this risk and complexity as all of our partners are regulated to and by their own industry standards, including the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) and the FRC (Financial Reporting Council), therefore business stack can be offered to your customers absolutely risk free with complete confidence that all risk and regulatory requirements are being monitored and attained.

Source: McKinsey Beyond Banking 2019

business stack platform features

  • Packaged professional services delivery
  • Professional service modules
    • Helplines
    • Mailboxes
    • Resource Downloads
    • Tools
    • Apps
  • AI content recommendation engine
  • Discounted rates available (up to 10%)
  • Hyper-personalised Customer engagement
  • In depth analytics and reporting
  • Secure infrastructure
customised digital platform

Customised for
your customers
and their businesses

Business Stack is a fully customisable platform that offers endless opportunities for configuration.

Working with our consultants you’ll create a unique experience for your customers by selecting and customising:

  • Service Modules
  • Design and Branding
  • Language and Content
  • Internationalisation/Translations
  • Engagement and On-boarding plans

delivering unique business support for every business

Deliver business support
backed by big data

Our AI, Machine Learning platform uses big data, historic usage statistics and company information to analyse and predict the needs of your customers, using this information to generate and deliver unique, hyper-personalised customer experiences that grow and evolve along with the businesses they support.

From issuing simple reminders about key accounting dates to suggesting you review specific business documentation because of a change to company details Business Stack connects your customers with the tools and knowledge they need to support their businesses, when they need it.

Support your customers
and their businesses
both at home and abroad

We recognise that all businesses are different, operating within a multitude of industries and territories. Our national and international geographic coverage allows us to support your business customers in any practice area and within any jurisdiction.

Our translational capability allows us to provide multilingual modules, providing you the opportunity to offer business stack, localised to the area in which your customers operate.

professional services international helpline

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